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Driving Tips for a Hot Summer in Zimbabwe

As the summer months have now arrived, one of the main concerns for drivers is having to drive in the stifling weather and high temperatures. You need to understand that your car will also be subjected to the high temperatures, and so it is important to think in advance so as to try to help your car’s cooling system work as

well as it can. So here are some tips which will help you prepare your car for long drives in hot weather.

  1. The engine coolant – you should make sure that the engine’s cooling system has a sufficient amount of coolant. It is important to do this check-up when the engine is cool. During a long drive try to bear in mind to check the coolant temperature gauge every now and then so as to see if it is remaining within a normal range. In case it goes up excessively it might lead to engine failure. So it is important to keep this under control.
  2. The engine oil – the engine oil serves an important function as it helps to keep the engine cool. Before starting a long drive in hot weather, check your engine oil by taking its reading. It is important not to overfill the oil levels – it should be just at the correct level indicated on the engine dipstick.
  3. The windscreen – with the brighter sun, you may have visibility problems when the vehicle’s windscreen is not that clean. So it is important to keep your windscreen as clean as possible both inside and outside. Using a sun visor and wearing a pair of sunglasses is also recommended during the summer months, especially if you are driving towards sunset or sunrise.
  4. Windscreen washer fluid, water and wipers – during the summer there are going to be more airborne insects as well as plant matter. So it is a good idea to use a good quality washer additive to help remove such debris from your vehicle’s windscreen. The wipers can end up getting brittle too because of the high temperatures. They can crack and tear apart in some parts if they are over exposed to the sun’s rays, especially if they have already undergone damages because of the winter season. So make sure to replace them from time to time.
  5. Tyre pressure – your tyres are key for your car. Therefore you need to make a habit of checking your car’s tyre pressure. A visible inspection should also be made so as to evaluate the condition of the tyres. Any bulges, cuts or uneven wear should be looked out for.
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