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How to schedule your driving lessons around work or school timetable

Learning to drive is both exciting and scary for people of any age and is something that shouldn’t be rushed into. While someone may need only a few lessons before they’re ready to take their test, others may need many lessons to get them more comfortable and familiar with everything. Fortunately taking lessons that are fit around a person’s schedule is the best way to do it.

Take a few lessons a week and carry this on until both you and your instructor are confident that you’ll pass your test without any issues.

How many hours will I need?

On average, a driver will have around forty to fifty hours of practice with a trained instructor in addition to around twenty hours of practice with family or someone they know. With lessons lasting anywhere from one to two hours this means that time with an instructor will have to be spread across around thirty or so lessons.

Fitting driving lessons around your schedule

Learning to drive is important; however with so many lessons needing to be taken it can be hard to really find the time in an already busy schedule. Fortunately if you are going privately or with a company, you should be able to find an instructor able to find time around your schedule.

  • Change the meeting locations – one of the best options is to talk with your instructor about the pickup and drop off locations. Instructors are able to meet you at a myriad of places, so if you just have an hour after work, or a forty minute lunch, then they can meet you there and find time for you!
  • Look at weekend options – for those who are in school, weekends are the ideal option for driving lessons. Regardless of the time of day, we have instructors able to find time to fit in an hour or two of driving lessons for you.
  • Early morning options – many of our instructors have driving lessons able to begin at six in the morning. This early time allows you to get an hour in even before classes start and can get you on the road faster!
  • Break up the times – another option that may need to be considered is the length of the driving lessons. While an hour or two lesson may be a great way to truly get in some driving and learn how to maneuver in a vehicle, even a half hour lesson sometime midweek can be a great help. Breaking up the lessons into smaller sections may cost more, but it is an excellent option for individuals with busy schedules who simply don’t have an hour or two extra each day to spare for driving lessons.

Learning to drive is getting the freedom and independence to go anywhere you want in a vehicle. Unfortunately it’s a long and arduous process that simply cannot be rushed. While you may have a busy schedule with work, school, kids, or extracurricular activities, a trained instructor can always help you find time, morning or night, to fit in some driving lessons!

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